Sad Goodbye or a new beginning?

logoYou’re probably wondering what happened. You’re probably thinking, did Stephanie die? Because after years of nonstop posts the blog just disappears? Did some kdrama irritate her so badly she decided to disavow any connection to the genre? Hey, if my love can make it through A Prince’s First Love, I’m fairly certain it can make it through anything.

No my friends, it was worse than that.

Blogger shut me down. Bummer man, bummer. (I can be flippant now as it’s been a month and the tears have stopped.). Why? Takedown notifications. I have theories as to why I was targeted, but the whole thing is a dark pool of vagueness and intimidation. Could I have fought it? Yep. But taking the chance that I could be sued? Not one I could afford to take.

It was touch and go there for a while whether I would continue blogging at all. But you know what staunch New Englandah’s are not? Quitters. So we’ve officially revamped, renamed and re-newed as Kchat Jjigae. Here you can find old posts, new posts, the podcast, and a sweet new site. Check us out here!

So, I hope you guys come and find me!

Fish-eyed kisses and Backhugs,